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Baptism (often called Christening) is the special sacrament through which people become Christians, and are welcomed into the family of Christ’s church.


In Baptism, God washes away sin and begins to help us to become the person God has made us to be.


If you would like to ask about a baptism, do contact the Parish Priest or Parish Administrator 


Many congratulations on your forthcoming marriage. Christians believe that God has made people for relationships of joy with each other; and that he wishes to share his love with those who make a life commitment together. Whether you're just dreaming of a church wedding, or well into the planning already we are here to guide and support you.

If you would like to arrange a wedding, do contact the Parish Priest or Parish Administrator


Losing a loved one is often the saddest time of our lives. If you are looking to plan a funeral we are here to support you in your loss. The Funeral Director will guide you step by step and then liaise with the Church to find a time for the service which is suitable for all concerned. However, you are always welcome to talk to us around the time of the death of a loved one.

Christians believe in resurrection: that is, in God’s power to raise the dead to eternal life with him. Belief in the resurrection gives us hope even in the darkest times of grief, pain and sorrow.

If you would like to talk, do contact the Parish Priest or Parish Administrator

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